What do you think of online gambling?

Like all things, online games have their advantages as well as their disadvantages. They can have more or less consequences in the life of the players, serious or less serious according to the extent that it will take in their lives. But what do online games really think?

The benefits of online games

  • Online games are cheaper than games for PlayStation or Xbox consoles.

  • There is nothing to download or install for online games.

  • The choice is great for online games and we are not restricted by the console model like PlayStation or Xbox.

  • We can keep in touch with our friends during an online game.

  • Online games are compatible with many systems (PC, Mac, mobile, tablets, etc.).

  • By playing online games on our mobiles, we get used to the device and we learn to control it.

  • You can play games online at work or in other places.

  • We can easily hide the fact that we play games online.

There are several types of games: free scratch game, lottery game, crossword game ... The more you play, the more points you earn. And with these points, you can receive money or gifts. Most of these games are completely free but there are also money games that are paid.

Disadvantages of online games

Whoever says online games says that you have to be dependent on the internet and the problems connected to the connections and the bugs are often very frequent causing you to start all over again. Human contact is no longer the same, you are behind your screen talking virtually or not. The warm side is no longer present.

So, beware of scams, there are many free games to make money on the internet but some are not serious. We advise you to follow our guide which will help you to compare the different offers.